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What can your face tell you about your health?

 Hi Friends,

When people tell me about their concerns around the changes they see in their faces as they age, what they notice most is often caused by imbalances due to stress, frustration, depression, exhaustion, digestive dysfunction, or another health issue.

Let’s take those vertical lines (also known as the “11s”) that show up between the eyebrows as one example. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this area between the brows belongs to the Liver System. One of the main jobs of this system is to insure that Qi, Blood, and the emotions flow smoothly. When the Liver is working well, we feel like life has an easy flow to it. Our tendons are flexible and relaxed, our eyes are clear. We feel free to grow and expand like that little sprout that boldly pops up through the soil in spring. We are able to hold a clear vision for the future and feel capable of moving in that direction.

When the Liver System is not working smoothly, all that freedom and movement gets restricted and locked down. This can lead to anger, frustration, and depression. We may feel stuck in the body/mind/soul with no ability to see a clear path forward. It makes sense then that this Liver imbalance can start to show up on the Liver area of the face as a tight, scrunched down, furrowed brow. And if we stay in this state long enough (I’m looking at you, third year of a global pandemic), those vertical lines between the brows really settle in.

I could treat someone’s 11’s all day every day, but it’s not going to give us longterm results unless we also address what’s going on in the Liver System. In the end, the lines are just another sign of what’s out of balance for the whole person. This is why every treatment I do is rooted in Chinese Medicine. Whether it’s Microneedling or cosmetic acupuncture, every session includes a general check in, pulse and tongue diagnosis, gentle body acupuncture, and a recommendation for herbs or dietary additions if applicable. Nobody needs more stress right now, so these treatments are designed to be soothing and relaxing for the whole system.

Check out these photos of Barack Obama (my personal all-time favorite president) before and after his 8-years as presidency. I want to thank him and his Liver System for all of their hard work.

As always, take good care of yourselves, and feel free to reach out with any questions you might have!


Dr. Jen

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