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Happy No-Resolutions New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, it's that time again when we're expected to start making some big changes to start off the New Year. I don't know about you, but the middle of winter is a hard time to start any kind of major life shift for me. With the sun going to bed at 4:30pm and not getting up until almost 8:00am, making a New Year’s resolution to start going to the gym at 5:00am before work doesn't sound like something that would stick for long.

If we’re paying attention to what nature is doing right now, this makes sense — the plants are resting, and the animals are less active. Winter is a time of slowing down, resting, and looking inward. Resolutions that go against everything that the rest of the natural world is doing don't seem to stand a chance. Maybe that's why studies show only 20% of resolutions succeed.

I still love the idea of marking the New Year though, but now I do it a little differently. I make three lists:

  1. What I am grateful for from the previous year

  2. What I want to release and not carry into the next year

  3. What I want to bring into the next year

Here are some things from my lists this year:

  1. Work that I love and a yoga practice that I started this year (in the summer)

  2. That slight feeling of panic I get when I realize I left my phone at home

  3. The idea that naps are not self-indulgent if I need them

If switching out this practice for making New Year’s resolutions appeals to you, I say go for it. I believe the goal is to be honest but really gentle with ourselves so that we can start the year with as much gratitude and supportive intention as possible. If you have a tradition for marking the New Year, I’d love to hear about it.

Thank you for being a part of what made 2018 wonderful for me. Wishing you and happy and healthy New Year!



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